A BETTER WAY for American healthcare than the Affordable Care Act.


"Our present healthcare system is unfair, unnecessarily complex, discourages personal responsibility, unreasonably restricts choice for most people, and does far too little to gain the business advantages of competition" -- from the Campaign study report.


If the thousand pages of the Affordable Care Act have done too little to alleviate the problems, what should be done instead?

The Campaign for a Rational Healthcare System believes the answer is to transform the three pillars of today's system--Medicare, private insurance, and Medicaid--into a coherent premium-supported consumer-choice structure, financed by redirecting current payments and subsidies, in which the government helps support the cost of coverage and individuals choose their own insurance plans.

Such a structure will achieve universal coverage, encourage personal responsibility, maximize the benefits of competition, and reduce regulatory burdens.

The Campaign's BETTER WAY will give basic insurance to every under-65 legal resident of the United States. It will give over-65s the assurance that Medicare will remain fiscally viable. It will remove much of the "stigma" of Medicaid by making mainstream health plans affordable and available to low-income families. It will cut costs by reducing the burdens of mandates, medical liability, and monopolies.

And it will be far more fair: every Medicare beneficiary's benefits will have the same value; every low-income family will be able to have comparable coverage; every employed person's wages will have the same tax treatment.

How will it work for each of Medicare, private insurance, and Medicaid?


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